About Us

The school is presently managed and run by Behala Mother Welfare Society (BMWS)  under the overall supervision of a Board of Trustees.

The School preamble :

Mothers Mission School was formed under the Behala Mother Welfare Society to perpetuate the fond memory of Mother Teresa, our patroness and inspiration.

It is our endeavour to instill in our students a sense of social awareness and form in them habits of piety, diligence, perseverance and hope.


Objective :

We  provide the students a comfortable ambience to grow up and realize their full potential. A holistic education that encompasses the total growth of the student is what Mothers Mission School is striving for.

English is mandatory :

Passing in English is mandatory. Students are encouraged to communicate in English while they are in school. At home too, parents must insist that they converse in english, so that they retain what they learn in school and become more and more proficient in the use of the language.

Great stress is laid on the teaching and drilling of the functional and communicative aspects of the language. Quiz, elocutions, story telling, debates, spelling bee and other competitions are held to enable the students to learn proper articulation, pronunciation, grammar, diction and other nuances of the English language. To sum it up, English is the raison d’etre of the curriculum. The whole objective is to make students, more outgoing and confident in expressing themselves, once they got into public life.



Socially Useful and Productive Work and Project Assignments :

SUPW and project work form an integral part of the evaluation and assessment systems. To derive maximum advantage, all project work assignments should be evenly spaced out through the academic year in order to avoid last-minute rush and hasty and shody execution of the project. Parents are advised to provide time and assistance to their wards, without encroaching upon their creativity and ingenuity. At the same time, project work should not be made so elaborate and extensive that the student gets deprived of his / her actual time for academic work. In fact, all project work should be extensions of their academic work in class and not exclusive of it. The keynote of all project work is that the project should be a whole hearted, joyous and spontaneous activity. Teaching through activities is the guiding principle.


Steps to Knowledge