School’s Activities


Adequate opportunities are provided to the students to develop healthy spirit of sportsmanship and championship which will enable them to further develop physically, aesthetically and morally. House system exists to encourage them for healthy competitions. At present there are four houses. They are :

(1)  Teresa House (2)  Mary House (3)  Josheph House (4)  Flowrence House


  • Celebration of important days like Rabindra jayanti, Independence day, Teacher’s Day, Children’s Day, Christmas, Republic Day etc.
  • Friday Activities Quiz, Debate, Singing, Dancing, Painting, Craft, etc.
  • Annual Function, Sports, Exhibition, Cultural Programme, Visit to orphanage and oldage homes and donate as per programme.
  • Inter School Fest for junior and senior section.
  • Environmental Projects, Organizing workshop and Interactive sessions for Teachers as well as students.
  • Friday Club includes Art and Craft, Eastern and Western dance, Singing, Craft, Yoga, Karate, Synthesizer, Guitar etc.

Yoga & Meditation

Yoga and Meditation sessions are compulsory for Classes VI to VIII. These sessions are aimed at helping Pointers with stress management and taking care of their physical and mental health.


 Regular P.T. sessions are held for students from Classes I to VIII.


We have in-house trained and qualified counselors who help students to cope with emotional and psychological stress. They are taught how to deal with academic pressures.

Career Counseling

The students of classes IX to XII attend sessions with professional career counselors to help them understand the various career choices and avenues open to them.

Life Skill Training

Students have regular training sessions to groom them into responsible citizens. Structured sessions on leadership skills, communication skills, decision making and thinking skills, study skills are held throughout the school.

Steps to Knowledge