Social Services

Society Health Services

The Mothers Mission School supports  Society Health Centre, which is set up diffrent premises, that provides free medical consultations to the poor people of the adjacent areas. Regular eye camps, dental camps, pediatric check up camps, blood donation camps, maternity check up camps are organized for them. A panel of doctors regularly visit for consultation.

Interact Club

The Interact Club of The Mothers Mission School came into being in 2009 with only  10 members. It is the Youth Wing of BMWS. There are  Club Service, Community Service, Vocational Service and International Service.he membership has been growing over the years. The Interact Club provides a platform for youngsters to develop into dynamic and caring leaders and individuals.
collaborative education
In a unique proposal made , Municipal Corporation,  leading schools of the city, will work together as a team to help the children with lesser means. The students of The Mothers Mission School will be directly involved with  school. However, the learning availed of, will not be a one sided affair. Those who are socially well established will also learn from the underprivileged children whom they have assisted, skills that are applicable in daily life. Thus expertise is shared between children of different social levels, in an atmosphere conducive to fun-learning, with the purpose of multifaceted, collaborative education.

Welfare Progremmes

The school is involved in various social services, charities and community welfare.A very famous tradition .

Visits to old age homes , are also donate by its students and School.

It shares good bonding with  welfare organizations.

2004 Tsunami Relief,

2009 Aila Relief Programme,

2008 Drinking water supply programme,

Slum rehabilitation activities,

Educational Tours for underprivileged children,

A free Health Clinic


Streets and working children

Economic pressure of the poverty- striken compel parents to force their children to take up laborious and often hazardous jobs for long hours with low pay.Behala Mother Welfare Society (BMWS) provides opportunities of basic elementary education, medical treatment and nutrition, gainful vocational training. The main objective of this program is promoting education,providing shelter,health facility,advancement in sports ,vocational training, training in child’s rights etc. At the inaugural ceremony a sit and draw competition for the children was held and they were awarded prizes,gift packets etc.


Rights of homeless  and working children
Date: 14.08.2008
Venue: Bakhrahat,Bibirhat.
Categories of working children-
1. Domestic workers- 20%
2. Rag pickers- 30%
3. Factory workers- 15%
4.Hawkers- 10%
5. News paper / Milk vendors- 15%
6. Other occupations- 10%

Awareness Programme

As per our experience and observation regarding our voluntary social service it has been seen that awareness plays a vital role in generating consciousness among the people for a cause to achieve a aspire.
Following are some steps taken by MOTHERS MISSION SCHOOL in creating realisation about awaking people regarding their thoughts, to change their basic myths, ignorance, etc.
Following are some of the programmes which are been undertaken by the society:
1. Environment Pollution
2. Anti Trafficking
3. HIV/AIDS Awareness
4. Social Forestry
5. Women Empowerment

Model School


Promoting and providing competency based learning, in a stress free environment, through the active participation of children and their parents, from socially and economically deprived communities.

Brief Description:

Start: 2008
Area: Slum areas of thakurpukur (South Kolkata)
Number of children reached: 66
Age of the children: 5 to 14 years-old
Coordinator: Mr. Bimal Chatterjee


Project Description:

The Model School , where innovating and play way methods are used, to educate deprived children, from Pre Primary to class V. Classes are conducted every morning from 7.00am to 10.00am.

Model  school uses child-friendly educational aids to foster self-learning and allows a child to study according to his/her aptitude and skill. Special curriculam is designed for the children so that education to them does not seem to be drudgery but something to look forward to and enjoy. Apart from providing the academic skills and competencies, cultural and sport activities are regularly organized. The highlight of this project is the active and regular participation of the mothers in their children’s education.


  • Child participation increased, due to stress free enrollment
  • 100%  retention rate
  • 80% of the mothers participate in workshops to prepare teaching learning materials, enrollment procedures and monthly meetings.

Steps to Knowledge